Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Weekend Highlights and Happy Spring

Morning and Happy Spring!  Isn't this the best time of the year?  I haven't been blogging for the  last couple days because the house work has been taking up the majority of it.  John and I have been busy finishing one of the major projects left, painting.   When we moved in this house 4 years ago, we knew painting was going to happen.  So far, we've painted master bedroom, guest bedroom, bathrooms and office.  This past weekend, we tackled the kitchen, living room and hallway.
After some debate, we settle on a nice dusty gray.  Its look absolutely amazing! (I'll have house update pics for you at so some point, I promise )

Until then, here are some photos I snap around my neighborhood.

dogwood flower
spring 2012

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Andrea said...

Painting can be exhausting but so worth it once it is complete! Love Spring as well, your pictures are gorgeous!

Kate of All things.. said...

What beautiful pictures! I love this time of the year - it has started to get a little warmer here in the UK so I am now dreaming of all the wonderful summery outfits I can wear...yay!

Javelin Warrior said...

Gorgeous photos Mai and I don't envy your and your hubby with all that painting! Last year when my bf & I tackled selling our house, I think I spent about 3 months paining every night, touching up trim, etc. ARGH! ;)

But can't wait to see the finished result...

Ashley said...

So lovely, Mai! I love plant photography and you do it beautifully.


Nancy said...

these floral photos are beautiful! I can't wait to see photos of your newly painted digs. =) Congrats to that! Painting is definitely a chore.
nancy @ adore to adorn

Steph said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous photos!!!

Olga@Stardust-Decor&Style said...

You're so lucky to have these images in your neighborhood!

Jin said...

lovely photos Mai!!! I bet you did a great good painting; I can't wait to see pics!

I will be emailing you soon :)

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