Friday, February 10, 2012

Things That Make Me Smile

M&Ms from target
live laugh print
Framed "Break The Routine" Print
Colored Chalk
Life is too short
Holstee Manifesto Poster
Good morning sweets! And happy Friday to you all!
Today marks the weekend before Valentine's Day and I'm already super excited for the day.  This year we've decided to keep it low key (as always).  Romantic dinner at home, maybe flowers, a nice bottle of rose wine and something sweet to end the night.  I know not all of you celebrate V-day but for those of you who do, what do you have planned?
Have a delightful weekend everyone!
Happy Valentine's Day
PS: I'll be around to visit everyone's blogs shortly. :) Pin It


Yue said...

Hi Mai,

I've nominated you for Liebster Blog Award. Find it here:

Montse GaviƱo said...

Hi! I just start this amazing blog that is gonna change your life!! Well, jaja maybe not, but surely you like it:
PS: Follow if you like it :)

Cinz said...

oh i love this post! the M&Ms from target are soo sweet looking:) love the XOXO...:D

Hope you had a fab and happy valentines!!!


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