Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Favorite Christmas Gifts 2011


I was truly blessed this so many ways. I received wonderful gifts from wonderful people.  I love gifting to others and try to give gifts that I think receiver will enjoy, so it is quiet nice when I receive gifts that I know someone else put some thought into and picked it just for me.

Do tell: What are some of your favorite Christmas gift this year? Pin It


LabelSnob said...

I LOVE everything you got! Very jealous of the shoes and bag! Those are on my wishlist!!

tiny dancer said...

So many cute things, Mai! I'm totally loving those spatulas tho - I'm a sucker for all things yellow <3 hehe


AubreyOhDang! said...

mai, where did u get ur chevron stripe rug?

just tututiny said...

LOVE the TB flats sweetie. And we are twins on the bag ;) I didn't get much this year, we are saving up to renovate our house. But I did get a chunky gold watch which was good enough.

Ping said...

mai--you got some fab gift. love jo! ditto aubrey on the rug.
where do you live in missouri. i went to visit my bf's parents in jackson and definitely no asians!

Cinz said...

What thoughtful gifts you got!I love the jo malone perfumes.

My fave x'mas gift is from my sis who sent it all the way from London and on time for boxing day!She got me the limited edition harajuku lovers perfume - jingle g, it looks sooo cute with the santa outfit and red ribbon in her blond hair!!!:)

Hope you have a happy new year!You got a great and inspiring blog!


Mai said...

Hi Ping and Aubrey- I got the rug from west elm.

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