Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Blueberry-Banana Smoothie

Here's my round two of using blueberries.  A simple, healthy, refreshing smoothie.  This makes a great breakfast on the go or after a workout.  Easy to make, and just plain delicious!
blueberry-banana smoothie-2
Printable Recipe
1 fresh banana, peeled and cut into 2-inch chunks
1 cup fresh blueberries or frozen
6 ounces plain nonfat yogurt
3/4 cup soy milk ( almond mild, 2% milk) more or less to taste
1 tablespoon of honey
1/2 cup ice cubes ( optional)
Serves 2
Put all ingredients into a blender and puree until smooth.  Pour into glasses and serve.
blueberry-banana smoothie
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B is building a house said...


Allison Egan said...

looks so yummy and healthy!! Blueberries are really a super fruit!

xo Allison
Spicer + Bank

JavelinWarrior said...

How delicious and healthful - I haven't been able to find reasonably priced blueberries around recently, but I may have to splurge. Besides, I have some Greek yogurt I MUST finish soon... :)

Oh and I ::liked:: your Facebook page

Ping said...

Looks so delicious! You alway inspired me to cook because you make everything look so easy and yummy. I'll definitely give this a try and I love that it's made with non-fat yogurt.

Nami | Just One Cookbook said...

I don't have blueberry only, but I might try with berries one this afternoon! Perfect timing!

Jen @ redsolesandredwine said...

How yummy does this look! I love it and love blueberries.

Gaby de Modacapital said...

Hi!! :)
I really like your blog,
I follow you! :D
... maybe if you have time, you could visit my blog too
( I hope you like it, and if you want, follow me back) ;)

Katie said...

I'm usually not a smoothie drinker, but this looks too fabulous for me to not try!

Shawna said...

So good! I even added a bit of spinach and it did not alter the taste. Thanks for sharing!

Nic said...

this looks great! can't wait to try this.


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