Friday, May 20, 2011

What's in my bag?

I love  reading "what's in my bag" posts, so I decided to do one myself.  To be honest, my bag is actually way messier than this.  I sort of cleaned up a little.  I switch between bags a lot, so this is what my bag would look like if  I've committed to it more than a week. 

{Here's whats in my bag}

Large Gucci tote
Louis Vuitton credit card case
RayBan wayfarer
Burberry checkbook (  to hold cash and coupons)
Smart water bottle
Dove deodorant
Essie mint candy polish
2 Chanel lip gloss
Stila lip gloss
Burt's Bees lip balm
Johnson and  Johnson floss
Food+Wine magazine
Chanel makeup palette
Instant Polaroid camera and film
Nars Orgasm blush ( I have this for 2 years...need to get new one soon!!)
Bobby pin and hair tie
Lush Charity Pot lotion ( thanks, sister)

What's in YOUR bag? I'd love to see!
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Linhy said...

great stuff haha

Natalya (Deliciously Suite) said...

I feel better knowing that I'm not the only one that walks with my NARS Orgasm/Laguna duo in my purse constantly.

Pablo said...

I also love reading "what's in my bag" posts! =) =)

thehiddenfairy said...

so nice to see what's inside your bag :D

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